The List Of Orders In French

The future tense is used for polite orders and requests, in place of the vous form of the imperative. Vous fermerez la porte, s'il vous plaît. Close the door, please.

The French government awarded the Order of the Black Star in Europe until 1 January 1964. The decolonisation and restructuring of the French colonial empire, one speaks now of the "French Union", made necessary other adaptations in the French knighthood orders.

Only four of the 19 Ministerial orders have survived the reform of the French system of decorations in 1963. The others were replaced by the Ordre national du Mérite. The Grand Chancery of the Legion of Honour classifies the national system of honours of France into two categories: those honours awarded on behalf of the President of the Republic and ministerial honours.

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A French citizen needs to be authorized by presidential decree to receive or wear a foreign order, except for the Order of Malta and the Order of the Holy Sepulchre which are recognized by France. Foreign decorations not awarded by a sovereign power cannot be worn.

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